Long Road

by Neil Hunt

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released May 12, 2015

All songs written and performed by Neil Hunt
Additional instrumentation by Brian Leach and Tim Ferguson
Produced by Neil Hunt and Brian Leach
Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Brian Leach
Assistant Engineering by Brandon Pope
Mastered by Blaise Barton
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Joyride Studios in Chicago, IL, Winter 2014-2015

Cover photo by Pippa Lunacy pippalunacy.com
Cover design by Haystack Studios, LLC haystackstudios.com



all rights reserved


Neil Hunt Chicago, Illinois

Folk artist Neil Hunt (known around Chicago as Neighbor Neil) has been strumming his good ol' 6-string since his teenage years. After finishing his maths coursework he decided to purchase a drum set and later a package of Marine Band harmonicas. Eventually he wrote a few songs down and the result is his debut album, Long Road, released in May 2015. ... more

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Track Name: January

Makin’ my way out of town
Makin’ my way down, down
It’s a maze to get out
It’s a maze to get out

I will never be forgiven
100 lives forgone
I will never be for certain
But I will carry on

It’s a maze to get out.
Track Name: Gray Man
Gray Man

Woke up with the sunrise
Heading out for some peace and quiet
All I ask, this one time
Would you hold my soul just for tonight?

Walking the long road, done too much wrong
Been making things up as I go along
My mind’s been out wandering since ‘65
Would you hold my soul just for tonight?
Would you hold my soul just for tonight?

The older you get the more you're faced with fate
Regret the chances you did not take
But history’s something you can’t rewrite
Would you hold my soul just for tonight?

Saw a beggar with a sign on his back
Said “you are saved” or something like that
Here’s hoping maybe that he’s right
Would you hold my soul just for tonight?
Would you hold my soul just for tonight?

Take my possessions if you come around
But too much gold will weigh you down
And happiness is even harder to find
Would you hold my soul just for tonight?

Sometimes I wonder what I might have missed
But some broken things can’t be fixed
You never know unless you try
Would you hold my soul just for tonight?
Would you hold my soul just for tonight?
Track Name: April

I look around
And see you gone
I don’t want you
But I don’t want to be alone
We tried it once
We tried it twice, babe
I was young
I could not wait

You said some things
And I said mine
I think at times
We both were blind

Days go by
And still you’re gone
Days go by
And still I’m alone
But I’ll remember
What it was like
It wasn’t by me
But it was time

Now I’m no saint
But hey I tried
I think at times
We lost our minds

I think of you
I think of home
I think of what may lie
Out on the road

But don’t forgive me
Don’t even try
I think at times
We both were blind.
Track Name: So Much to See
So Much to See

I see the man in the street, he smiles though he has nothing on his feet
I see the cracks in the wall but I know they will be filled soon after all

I see the tree all alone refusing to ever be fully-grown
I see the tracks and the train, forging ahead to fortune and fame

I see the mountain climb to the sky, earning its name over time
I see the people gathered all around, singing together a joyful sound

I hope you come and join us now, I hope you join us now.
Track Name: Intruder

Late at night someone not seen before
A need to protect my home, that I swore

To be in the right

I saw him I followed him gun at my side
I crept up behind him shaking and blurry-eyed

To be in the right

The proof is in the truth now
The proof is the truth now.
Track Name: Sinful Opportunist
Sinful Opportunist

Now I’m out here all alone
I’ve lost it all as I’ve grown old
But love ain’t made on an assembly line
I’m a sinful opportunist but I cannot lie

The Politician has only lies to sell
But the drunkard has a better story to tell
Always trust the honest eye
I’m the unwelcome stranger but I cannot lie

Momma said you reap what you sow
More like reap what’s already been grown
Our path to destruction is well defined
I’m a listless adolescent but I cannot lie

I wear so many hats my hair’s worn thin
Turned my back to the ocean to head home again
My patience is on such short supply
I’m a sinful opportunist but I cannot lie.
Track Name: Down the Way
Down the Way

I’ll see you on down the way
I’m chasing some sunshine today
The streets are quiet, no one out
Been counting the days living in doubt

As you know, I’m on the mend
Wrote a letter but couldn’t send
Trying to look further around the bend
Wondering where this feeling ends

I remember her long brown hair
Just smiling, just sitting there
I will miss it, I guarantee
You want a fuck-up, just come find me.
Track Name: Journey #4
Journey #4

I left my home a couple months back
Caught a ride down the Appalachian track
The driver, oh, places he’d been
He said son . . . You can’t win unless you begin

Stopped at a diner off the highway
A lonely waitress served me some hot eggs
When I saw her daughter, I about fell off my chair
She said son . . . there’s so much beauty everywhere

Now I’m from a nation, it’s called the Midwest
Farming and hunting are what we do best
The sun keeps me warm, the earth keeps me fed
Father said son . . . we live where we’ve bled

I arrived at night to find the shoreline
Now I can say I touched the ocean just one time
There was an old man having a smoke on the beach
He said son . . . there ain’t nothing out of our reach

Now little sister you know that I’ll be back again
But I learned my lesson I ain’t never looking back again
Earned my stripes picking coins up off the street
In this life . . . you earn what you keep

In this life . . . you earn what you keep.
Track Name: Goodbye for Now
Goodbye for Now

The door closed but I am open
Sick of feeling like a thief
City music only sirens
Always tired but I can’t sleep

To my neighbor I am callous
Always thinking aloud
I’m a storm without a cloud
I’m a preacher without a crowd

City lights blind the mind
I’ve forgotten what I really need
I’m full of ideas piled in a heap
I’m full of commitments I can’t keep

Like the leaves I lean toward the light
Struggling to get it right
Always part my hair to the side
Living one day at a time

So Goodbye, for now
So Goodbye, old friend

Dreamed of going to the ocean
Suitcase in my hand
I swear by this time next year
You’ll see a better man.